Metal in the mouth upsets essential reflexes and makes people weak

Below are a couple of videos showing how people are affected by metal irritation in the mouth. They are from the chiropractor  Simon King. I studied with him 4 or 5 years ago before he moved to Australia. I consistently find that people with long term, hard to fix issues have metal in their mouth. The worst offenders are silver fillings, gold crowns and tongue and lip piercings. Sometimes porcelain over metal crowns, infrequently titanium posts.

One simple way of understanding what is happening is to think of standing on a pebble. Your whole body will contract away from the irritant. Imagine walking around on a pebble every day – your musculoskeletal system gets in to chronic adaptation patterns where some muscles are over-contracted and some are switched off. In the videos the people cannot lift the weights due to weak, switched off muscles. Weakness is what I look for when I test muscles. It is a reliable, early indicator of problems. Fix the weakness, by removing the irritant and the problem, often pain, goes away.

When you take away the irritant, the pebble in the shoe, the whole body is controlled differently. We can mimic removing the pebble from the shoe. Think of a child in pain –  if you rub vigorously over the pain, the pain will go away. Technically, fast nerve fibre stimulation from the rubbing will inhibit the slow fibre pain signal (this is pain gate theory). By pressing on an irritating tooth or pressing a bone that is out of line we override the irritation and the nervous system will control the body differently. Muscles that were switched off will switch on, straight away. 


Here are two links to two more great videos from Simon King on metal in the mouth causing weakness and pain.

You can also find out more from Simon King’s book  ‘Live Without Pain’